Transportational Facts!

Here are some things to do with transportation that have a direct impact on my life.
  1. It's almost exactly 700 miles from SC to PDX.
  2. Looks like the route involves 17 over to the south bay, over to 680, north for a while, 80 east to 505 (the ring road around Sacramento), then I-5 all the way up. With a three-month old baby in the back.
  3. It costs about 300 bucks to rent a basic 4-door sedan for a week.
  4. It costs about 1000 bucks to rent a 22' truck for a few days.
  5. There are 14 rest stops on I-5N, one of which is closed. Plan C tends to demand changes and food every 3 hours or so.
  6. This is going to be some of the craziest driving shit I have ever tried to pull off.


Ransom said...

It is in no way helpful to you, but I'm going to tell a brief story about my family's move from S.F. to Eugene in '85. At the time we had a cat. Like many cats, this cat was unenthusiastic about the cat carrier and about the car. But like many organisms, she was reasonably adaptable, and this was a long trip by cat standards. Eventually, the cat calmed down enough that it was decided that we might want to let her out of the carrier.
The next thing I recall was that the cat's front legs were on my dad's right leg, and her hind legs were on his left leg, with the remainder of her body passing through the steering wheel between those two points. But still quite calm. At that point, she was probably the calmest organism in the car.
But we did make it to Eugene.

Leah said...

Yeah we found the same thing when we moved back. We stopped part way and stayed the night so we could go over the Siskiyou pass in the morning, not the heat of the day. Moving sucks, no doubt, just remember where you are headed is worth it and then hope the next time you have to do it, you can pay someone else! Good luck! We look forward to seeing you and B and meeting little C!