Things Verily Shall I Miss About Santa Cruz

I've seldom failed to complain about SC over the last few years, but now that the end is nigh I find myself making a few spaces of anticipated nostalgia for this dirty little dump. Here are things I like about it and will presumably miss once we're back in PDX:
  1. The otters. It's amazing to be able to walk ten minutes and see real otters doing their otterish things.
  2. The surfers. They're remarkably good at not hitting each other, somehow, and they're fun to watch.
  3. The weather in summertime. Because of the marine layer (that would be the morning fog), it rarely gets much above 75 all summer. Ironically, it's often ridiculously hot and uncomfortable in PDX, in contrast.
  4. UCSC campus. The ewok village of academic radicalism.
  5. The smart and nice locals. They're outnumbered by the menacing dumbasses, but I still appreciate their efforts.
  6. The bus. It's been a while for me (with Plan C here, we drive more), but the SC Metro is really quite a solid bus system.
  7. My homies. Needless to say, I'm going to miss the history kids. Ever since that one guy finished his MA and moved on two years ago, literally none of the history grads are jerks, and I'll miss hanging out with them.

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Chica said...

What about the Malabar?
Charlie Hong Kong?