"This Is a Fun Game"

That's a quote from one of our baby books.

You know when you have a (computer) mouse and something's screwed up with it? You move it like you normally would, but the cursor on the screen just jumps around and refuses to obey your will? You have to kind of tap the mouse down and scootch it with more force to get it to work? That's what it's like to be 10 weeks of baby-induced sleep dep. My (iron) will issues commands and my brain and/or body promptly gets them wrong and runs into things.

Other quote: "we can't have nice things." Where did that COME from originally? I know Lisa uses it in the Simpsons, but I wonder what its origins are. I envision a crowd of monkeys around an obelisk, with the Rite of Spring playing, and then one of the monkeys breaks his bone club and says "we can't have nice things."

I bring this up because we can't have nice things. We will never have any money and I will perpetually be semi-employed. We do get to spend a lot more time sitting around giggling than working people do, though. This is a fun game.


The Meat Machine said...

As the voice of experience and a perpetual optimist I have to tell you that the sleep deprivation will not go on forever, I promise. I can also vouch for the fact that being sleep deprived makes one more irritable and if you are in possession of a type-A personality, more stressed out about EVERYTHING. You are way to smart and charismatic for things not to work out for you. Keep your chin up, champ.

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kungfuramone said...

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