B: I noticed that we have some fun stuff coming on our Netflix queue! We've got Anchorman, Youth in Revolt, and The Hangover coming up.
KFR: That reminds me that I was watching clips of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and there was one with Zach Gala-Fanana-Banana-Kiss where he was a dancer and it was hilarious.
B: Who is that, again?
KFR: He was in The Hangover. He was the fat bearded guy.
B: The guy in Funny People, too?
KFR: No, no, you're thinking of that other fat guy.
B: But wasn't he the same guy? He was in The Hangover.
KFR: No, no, you're getting him confused with that one fat guy. That guy doesn't have a beard.
B: Hmm...
KFR: He was in The Hangover. He played the kind of retarded step-brother guy who gets them all roofied.
B: Oh! Right.
KFR: That other fat guy was in Funny People, not Zach Gala-Fanana-Banana-Kiss.

This has been an attempt to illustrate through an example of what our conversations are like these days. We make sleep deprivation fun!

(for us)

The awesome video in question:

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