Typhoon Melor. Seriously.

You're a handsome devil. What's your name?*

Here's the official weather service bulletin regarding Typhoon Melor's expected impact on SC and the environs in two days. A typhoon is a Pacific hurricane (note: the phrase "pacific hurricane" is precisely equivalent to "peaceful drunk Nazi on PCP.") This one hit Japan a week ago and has been steaming happily across the ocean toward the west coast, way out of standard patterns of weather for this time of year. It's no longer a typhoon; rather, the remnants of the typhoon are hitting some kind of jet stream / low-pressure thing coming down from Alaska and resulting in an action-adventure situation for California.

This is a problem. First, we had plans to see our beloved homies E + A on Tuesday evening, but that's when the worst of the storm is predicted to hit, dumping up to 6 inches of rain in the Santa Cruz mountains, AKA Highway 17. Second, we're still in Bonny Doon, AKA the Santa Cruz mountains. I have visions of falling redwoods (possible), a major power outage (100% likely), and being trapped at the bottom of the very long and steep driveway (possible.)

My mom and stepdad have already canceled their trip to Yosemite and decided to scamper back to Oregon a day early. If there were hatches to batten down at chez adviser, I'd batten 'em, but there's really nothing I can do.

Report to follow in a few days.

* This is my favorite repeated phrase from Grosse Pointe Blank.


ransom said...

Apart from obviously wishing for your and B's continued well-being, I'm not sure what to hope for, apart from a copy of Grosse Point Blank in your mountain hideaway...

Hopefully that's coherent. Just got back from seeing the Pogues. Not sure how to describe the experience just yet.

kungfuramone said...

Very, very Irish?

Elizabeth said...

Redwoods don't fall in the wind. Their commie roots keep them well planted. They do lose all their broken limbs ("widow-makers") and dried out leafy things, however. And that can be pretty exciting. You'll lose power, probably. I'll call you soon and give you the low-down on SC mountain storm procedures. This is nothing compared to '98 (isn't that helpful?)