Flying Academics

I'm a-bloggin' from the San Jose airport, an institution linked to the UC to the SC by way of constant superfluous construction - this place has been being (re) built since we moved here over three years ago and, judging by the enormous fields of mud full of heavy equipment, isn't going to be finished for quite some time. But they have free wifi and getting through security is generally pretty painless, so I can't complain.

Boulder, CO hosts the latest annual meeting of the Western Society for French History starting tonight and going through Saturday afternoon. At this annual meeting, I will present my first formal academic paper on Andre Gorz. This is indeed the first "real deal" presentation on my dissertation stuff. The concomitant terror is joined here by incredulous moping, since my talk is scheduled for 8:00am. Actually, this might end up being a blessing in disguise: almost no one will be there, probably, and I'll be so tired I won't notice that I'm presenting and answering questions.

My mom reminded me a few visits ago about how, when I was a kid, I hated not being good at stuff - I only liked to do things I was automatically and/or already good at (see: my love of books and writing, my loathing of mathematics.) This infantile complex has not changed over the years, and so I am mighty trepidatious about this weekend. But who knows. Maybe someone will walk up to me after the talk and give me a tenure-track job.

Ha. Ha. Ha.



Rebecca said...

Good luck! Undoubtedly, you will rock your presentation to the utmost.

ransom said...

Go, dude! Courage! I picture you in this context as I know you: Smart guy who's been very much intent on the topic for a long time. i.e. intrinsically well-equipped.

It's funny, I was actually thinking 20 minutes ago as I attempted to steam out my head cold in the shower about my youthful propensity for avoiding things I didn't easily succeed at, and whether I've gotten any better about it. And whether if I'd gotten better sooner what that might have meant. Wacky coinkidink.

noncoupable said...

Good luck! :)

noncoupable said...

(p.s. good luck w/ the paper and double good luck with the job thingy. Network, network, network!)

Beetlegirl said...

Hee hee...the thought of KFR "networking" makes me giggle. That being said, the wee bunny and I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning when you give your talk, despite the fact that we will still be in our bed and burrow, respectively.

clear screen said...

Have fun! Let us know all the details when you get back.

Happy Hippo said...

Good luck, my man. You are more than ready to give a conference paper. Me? I am going to be pulling poop out of my ass in November.

And, yes, network like their is no tomorrow, brother. Especially since the place is going to be filled with academics from universities located in places that you want to live in.

Dolce Vita said...

How funny. My kid has the same disposition as you did as a child. Does that mean she will abandon gainful employment for academia? Probably. I'm not setting a very good example for anything else.