Post-Storm Report

Over six inches of rain in Bonny Doon in 24 hours...

The storm was stormy but not too stormy. The extension cord that goes over the Santa Cruz mountains and provides all of the power for the Monterey Bay area has, apparently, been reinforced since the January storms of 2008, so there were only a few flickers here and there. The Bonny Doon house is still standing and there weren't even that many big branches to lug out of the driveway and chuck into the woods.

In unrelated news:
  1. We got to see our lovely friends E and A yesterday in Campbell. B's off to visit her brother this afternoon, so on the way back from the San Jose airport I get to hang out with them again. Friend Win!
  2. Tomorrow is the first 2009 - 2010 meeting of the Attractive Historians. I took over as social coordinator this year and I promptly scheduled a bar crawl for my cohort. I very much plan on keeping it to a dull roar, at least compared to the wedding last month...I'm still a little hungover from that.
  3. My dissertation and job applications have formed a satanic cabal and are carrying out horrific rituals to drive me insane. I failed my saving throw.


noncoupable said...

hey, that's how my grant applications are feeling right about now! You wouldn't believe the horsesh*t one has to go through to apply to Fulbright (which I'm pretty unlikely to get, ha ha!)

re tomorrow: uh, well my limit these days is still lower than yours (at one drink), and I may wait for the second bar before indulging in that. Also there ain't much liquor at my place since the roommate with the booze shelf left and took it with him...including the schmiranoff someone else gave me that two other colleagues who shall remain nameless drank half of last time people came over for wii... the only question is: will people again depart my place after 3 hours of wii to go to SC dinner at 1AM?

noncoupable said...

err, diner* not dinner. The place where you get pancakes,burritos, and pho at any hour of the day in this town.

El Chupacabra said...

Have you considered building a Santeria shrine to the Dissertation and Application Cabal. Perhaps a small sacrifice of say, ten goats would appease their angry spirits? You could also write a rap rhyming the words Application and Dissertation. Givin' you heart palpitations? Like Bill and Ted that shit be Station? Bruce Wayne's ward the one and only Dick Grayson? The possibilities are near-endless!

kungfuramone said...

I'd prefer to take a staycation? When I chew it's called mastication? If I were from Haiti, I'd be a Haitian?