Post-Conference Report

Here's how it went:

  1. Didn't know anyone there on arrival, had nothing to do the day before it started, was bored.
  2. Incisive comments on my paper made me realize that I still have a lot of reading to do before I can consider the research phase done (this despite how much I have drafted - a lot.)
  3. Got two hours of sleep the night before I presented at 8:00am.
  1. Paper was well-received. The above-mentioned incisive comments, particularly regarding my treatment of Sartre as a kind of looming caricature compared to Gorz, were very helpful.
  2. Met a lot of nice people in my field. Was inspired to see how much interest there is in modern French intellectual history.
  3. Met a gang of UCLA French history grads, one of whom was my co-presenter. Really nice, sharp, cool kids.
  4. Did not die on the flights there or back, despite my strong belief that I would based on the turbulence.
There were a few moments during which I really got a taste of why some scholars are able to love what they do - the camaraderie of talking shop with smart people who know a lot about similar topics. That's the one thing I've missed at the UC to the SC - my cohort is full to the brim with brilliant kids, but none of them know a damn thing about what I study (and vice-versa.) I was also reminded of the basic fact that the average academic is a sympathetic, witty, fun person.

Finally, I will note that the younger scholars and grads were rocking some excellent fashion choices. I am going to start working on revised dapper outfits for the next conference based on my already-existing supply of vintage ties.

Now if I can just get reimbursed for the travel expenses...


noncoupable said...

travel expenses: my advice is to submit whatever the dept won't pay to the GSA. They covered me for $325 of a $500 trip once. It's only a tad of paperwork and some forms and you *don't* have to b.s. about what you did in one of those "statement of purpose" paragraphs

theNerdPatrol said...

I'm so glad to hear this went so well!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

I hope you are resting on laurels while revving up for re-writes. Good to hear the post-conf report.

ransom said...

<homestar>To Sartre: "You're not a looming caricature?"</homestar>

Congratulations on displaying and honing your insights, and on totally not dying during the travel phases.

Portland's underwater today (seriously, I changed paths three times and one of my coworkers' car drowned in an intersection and had to be towed). I hope you guys aren't in the path of the S.C. fires I've been hearing about(?)...

clear screen said...

sounds more good than bad! well done!
and i'm glad to hear that history conference attendees are more easy on the eyes and fashion sense than a victorian lit conference. yikes!