Word Association

  1. Most Heavy Metal: Warlock.
  2. Lamest: Inspirational.
  3. Reminds You of Your Childhood: Hypercolor.
  4. Most Medieval: Forsooth.
  5. Republican Party: Hateful.
  6. Your Mom: YOUR Mom!
  7. George Lucas: Kill.
  8. Delicious: Hydrocodone.
  9. Cardigan Sweaters: Dope.
  10. Obsolete: Reaganomics.
  11. Muscle Car: Flaccid.
  12. Munchkin Land: Drugs.
  13. Things You Regret Include: Laziness.
  14. Most Pleasing to Say: Limpid.
  15. England: Mean.
  16. Star Trek: Boldly.
  17. A Pack of Baboons: Unwieldy.
  18. Scandinavia: Death Metal.
  19. Your Infancy: Sharks.*
  20. The Certainty of Death: Frustrating.
* The sharks thing is from a copy of National Geographic I used to look at when I was 1 - 2 that had a big pictorial on sharks. It's one of my earliest memories.

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Jason said...

Hypercolor! Sweet threads man.