Media Sunday

Item 1: As you may know, Ewan McGregor and his pal Charley Boorman have gone on two enormous motorcycle trips, one literally around the world and the other from the northern tip of Scotland to the southern tip of South Africa. Said trips were filmed and made into entertaining documentaries. B and I have started in on the first, and I was reminded of two physical attributes and one personal attribute of Mr. McGregor:
1. He can really grow a beard!
2. He has a well-muscled ass!**

1. He is a grounded and friendly fellow!

Item 2: if you were at all into music with guitars in or near it during the 90s, chances are good you listened to The Violent Femmes. I was seized with the desire to listen to their breakthrough eponymous first album on the way up to campus today. You know what? It's still really great! I've resolved to sing a song off of it the next time I'm in a karaoke-type situation.

Non-media-related trivia: I may have accidentally deleted a page or two of dissertation, which I'm severely pissed about. This (may have) happened because of trying to keep up-to-date copies of my diss on my laptop, desktop, and USB key all at the same time; I might have overwritten a slightly newer copy with a slightly older one.

On a happier note, homies K, L, and C are coming over for a cheese feast this evening. This is very exciting!

** I noticed during the brutal massage scene in Kazakhstan. Between this scene and the comparable one of Anthony Bourdain in Ukraine, B and I have learned to avoid "spas" in Central Asia at all costs, lest a giant man in a black speedo squat o'er-head and pummel us senseless with his meaty mitts.


ransom said...

I'm looking forward to the second motorcycle flick. The first was great. Re: Ewan's groundedness, it was always funny that several times he'd get to the cusp of some fit about how he wanted the other bike or something wasn't fun and then he'd have a little video-diary entry about how he realized he was being a spoiled brat. It was hilarious, and I liked him much better for it.

Re: Anthony Bourdain. I am so excited that there's so much of No Reservations I haven't seen yet. Hilarious travelogue with amazing foods... Yeah. A lot. The biggest problem is that most of them really motivate me to drink while I'm watching them, especially if I have a locale-appropriate booze.

kungfuramone said...

For me, I am confused. How ees theese drinking a problem?

ransom said...

Good point.

Dolce Vita said...

Three comments:
Oh my! I know your music reference this time. Not only that I listened to (and admired) the Violent Femmes.

This type of massage - while it looks like torture - can be, I have heard, awesome. I would try it, but the closest I've come is Paris and I found out about it too late. I should look around this place....

I've had similar "grrrr" moments trying to keep my drafts updated on laptop, backup, and desktop. (And I've fallen into having too many copies cluttering my files as a result).

ransom said...

You could have a geek day and get Subversion installed! Then you'd just have a central respository on your workstation (one item to back up occasionally), and you could even see what you'd edited when and jump back to random points in its history!