Disney Head Hats

When I was a kid, I went to Disneyland. I coveted a Donald Duck hat that looked like Donald's severed head if his brains had been scooped out with a melon baller. It looked like this (picture stolen from some lady on flickr):

We're hanging out with my brother-in-law, A, who just returned from Japan after another long stint building enormous puppets for Disney Japan's latest parade thing. Among various anecdotes, he told us about how they sell the equivalent of the above hats featuring E.T.'s head instead of Donald's. Since he wasn't able to take any pics, and I wasn't able to find any on the internet, I created the following simulation using my money-making photoshop skills:

I have a lot of other great ideas for Disney head hats and related items they could do:
  • Peter Pan's severed head.
  • The Genie from Alladin's severed head.
  • Nemo on a fisherman's speargun, which you stick in a hat band.
  • Bambi's mom's pelt, worn as a cape.


noncoupable said...

What about the dragon from Pete's Dragon? You know, that crazy movie about the boy with the imaginary dragon friend... whom he loves...
go to timecode 1:50

Austin Rich said...

I would also recommend a mounted trophy-head of The Beast (see, Beauty and the), and while this is totally unrelated, I imagine you could make very delicious crab-cakes shaped like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

Maybe that'll be more of a coastal trend...