My New Motto

Ok: all of you dingbats who STILL don't read Achewood need to get with the program. Proof positive is today's (comic) strip. For me, a defining excerpt:

Ace of Grades. After seeing Motorhead, what, four times, and being a graduate TA for, what, four years, at last I've found my motto, my personal family crest, my literary calling card. This is the most important thing to happen to my career since caffeine.


Austin Rich said...

Wow. All that from an online comic-strip.

Imagine if you had read one of them thar "Graphic Novellas." Maybe you could find meaning in this universe after all?

ninjahq said...

I'm so sorry that this comic falls on deaf ears.

kungfuramone said...

No, it's okay. From what I've read, achewood is a very polarizing comic. People either *completely* don't get it or think it's the best thing since cold beer.