Tiny Pocket of Non-Burnination

What the crap did Blogger do to its interface? There's a hellacious delay between typing and seeing what I've typed, at least on PCs running Linux or Windows. It's not as bad on my laptop, so here I sit, tapping away on the trusty old iBook.

(side note: I do not want an iPhone. They scare me. I think they will cause cancer of the sternum or one of the various gold-rush-era diseases.)

Anyway, Santa Cruz is the one place in the entire nation that isn't ridiculously hot right now.* It's been cloudy, cool, breezy, even a little misty, for the last few days. The Oregon trip is right around the corner and I expect that we'll be completely unprepared for the hot hot heat. I've been successful so far this summer hiding in dark little rooms on hills and/or in dark little rooms near water, but it's absolutely necessary to head up to the beaver state and see the kids.

Because, the thing is, one of the reasons they've been shattering heat records for the last few days is the number of HOT HOT KIDS up there.

* Technically, this pocket extends from San Francisco through to Monterey. Who lives in the middle of that span? ME!

Edit: This is just another reason that Oregonians are justly famous for sex-appeal.


Alexis said...


I'll never get one 'cuz my hairdresser has one and showed me and here's what's up: people use it to have more access to their myspace. And now I've finally figured out what bothers me about that and it's that it's STUPID. Read a book. Watch a Sopranos (caveat: in your ever-loving home watch a Sopranos, not while you're walking or eating out or out at all.)

Basically, it's the end of the world. I'll get one when they've fixed the problems they'll have to have, there's wireless everywhere, and I won't have buyers remorse about it. So never, becasue of the last one.

Rachel said...

my brother was going to get one, then he saw the look on my face when he mentioned the price, and it helped that he realized the most expensive version still only has 8GB on it - which is apparently not enough. geez. So he got a free cheapo Samsung instead. :) macs do have a good rep, though....

crashcourse said...

Just an fyi on the trip to Oregon... Casa del Pantalones has a/c.


Beetlegirl said...

crashcourse...that is the loveliest thing i have heard all day...i am presently doing laundry and some preliminary packing, which includes a wee little happy thought gift for you...the super arty and employed graduate!

kungfuramone said...

A/C in Oregon....my DEAR LORD, that's never been DONE before!

Leave it to the smartest kids in the west to be the first.