OK, Fine, Not Immune to Jinxing

Full post to follow with exciting, even titillating, details of our Odyssian journey when/if we make it home and I get more than five hours of sleep.* In the meantime, here's me in a rainy parking lot outside of a Sears auto place in Lynnwood, WA, after our right rear tire took itself out on I-5:

Here are some fun facts:
  • Tire places aren't open on Sundays, so if you get a flat, you have to go to a mall and hope they have a department store with a car shop.
  • If you're lucky, nice people at the customer service booth in a completely different store across town might help you find one.
  • I made it almost 29 years without having to change a flat tire. It would have been pretty ugly if Becky hadn't been there.
  • If it sounds like a helicopter is landing on your car when you're driving down the highway, it's probably your tire.** Keep that in mind.
So...I don't know. We're officially jinxed. We took off this morning like clockwork, packing everything up and getting on the road by 7:00am. What was supposed to be about a 7 hour drive and an afternoon in Eugene became a long morning at a mall in a suburb***, reconfirmation that Washingtonians are god-awful drivers (but, I'm sure, very nice people), and utter, blithering exhaustion. Theoretically, we'll be back in Santa Cruz tomorrow night after another 600-something mile drive.

* It was totally awesome. Portland: awesome. BF's wedding: awesome.
** Unless it's a helicopter landing on your car.
*** We totally went mall walking.


quixote said...

Um, yeah, you're jinxed.

That totally sucks.

Good luck getting home?

noncoupable said...

My GOD! You had to spend a whole morning of your vacation at a suburban mall? I am SO sorry.

Hope you make it home OK :)

Chrissy said...

Do not tempt fate by announcing you are immune to jinxing. I would be too scared to even think such a thought.


Rachel said...

lame. :( I know that sound - I got my tires replaced in my old car, and the mechanic told me that I was about 10 miles short of a blowout. I feel for ya - and the suburban mall part. UGH! I hope you get home safely!