Succinct, Laconic

...sometimes, anyway. Here's a brief summary of the last few days:
  1. A met up with me for 30 minutes on Friday and, at one fell stroke, set me straight on how I might approach dissertation topics. It looks like I'm seriously going to be writing about the failure of the (French) left, but I need to get some critical interlocuters earlier than later if I can.
  2. Becky left for Novato and SF yesterday morning. You know what that means: Kill Bill, Civilization III, and even more coffee. If that's actually humanly possible.
  3. I hung out at Tweak's last night and finally got to meet her fiancé. I'm off to help them move in an hour and change. I believe, yes I believe, in moving karma.
Right now Pesto and I are listening to Turbonegro. She's the head of the Santa Cruz chapter of the BunnyTurboJugend.


another kind of nerd said...

4. Creation of a Flickr account??? hmmmmm?????

kungfuramone said...

Oh, uh, yeah. I actually did create KFR flickr account, but I haven't uploaded anything. Kind of defeats the purpose, I realize....

I totally promise to do that this week. :]