A Heck of a Thing

Knowing that I am unlikely to produce a blog post in the next two days, allow me to the opportunity to say, now, that 2012, was, for me, a heck of a thing.  Highlights included:
  • First full year as a home-owning home-living-in-er.  See also: new fence, new porch, new frickin' kitchen, and as of two days ago, big tree in back yard cut down.
  • The year that Plan C transformed from post-baby to late-toddler, now featuring complete sentences and a razor wit!
  • The band went from basically nothing to show-ready.
  • Super-intense IT / project management.
  • Simultaneously, super-intense academic job-getting process.
  • Academic job secured!
  • A whole damn month off.
  • Learned to drink whiskey.
  • Term one of the rest of my life.
  • Another almost whole damn month off.
It's very hard to stop and appreciate things.  This is a banal comment, and I know it's applicable to just about everyone thanks to what psychologists call "hedonic adaptation" (read: grass-always-greener), but it's still true.   As the dust settles and we get used to living in the house, and as we have fewer urgent house-related jobs to line up, B and I are both hoping there's a little less insanity and a little more of us noticing and appreciating in 2013.

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