Elbow Patches and Cell Phones

It's in-service (read: staff and faculty, no students yet) week at The College.  Some good talks and presentations, some less good ones, some nice tours and facilities presentations, etc.  Tomorrow is the big district-wide history meeting, at which I plan to introduce myself to everyone in as succinct, concise, and laconic a manner possible.

More to the point:
  1. I bought a new jacket at H+M today.  It is pretty amazing.  It's nouveau-tweed, with pockets and frickin' elbow patches.  I kept resisting elbow patches over the years, despite their obvious applicability to my personal aesthetic, because I didn't feel worthy of them.  I said "when I get my masters," then "when I'm ABD," then "when I finish the doctorate," then "when I'm an adjunct."  Well, now I'm full-time.  That's good enough for elbow patches.
  2. I did that as a kind of shopping therapy thing after the idiots at the T-Mobile store destroyed my phone.  Replacement: 9 days out.  Hopefully no one needs to call me to tell me anything important.

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