Power Dome Birthday

I am completely 34.  Last night, my homie J and I went and saw Devo at a ridiculous amphitheater in Vantucky.*  It's the Devo/Blondie tour.  Highlights included:
  • Devo was amazing.  I need not say more on the subject.
  • J and me playing "who is here to see Devo, who is here to see Blondie."
  • The dude with a huge mane of platinum blond hair, big shades at night indoors, and a massive beer gut. (Blondie)
  • The woman in the tight silver stretch pants, black bikini top, and her 7-year-old son in tow. (Blondie)
  • The 45-ish couple, her in homemade Alice in Chains jacket thing, him in a Styx t-shirt from, say, '87.  (Blondie)
  • The bizarre gang of skinheads (?), punks, and 80s stripper girls with enormous 80s stripper hair, all dancin' up a storm.  (Devo!)
  • The fact that Blondie sucked so bad, we took off after one song.  But again, Devo was amazing, and J got the tickets for free from one of his employees at the body piercing empire he co-owns, so the night was a raging success.
Anyhoo, here is a pic taken on our way out when we bought t-shirts.  The old stoner merch guy let us wear a gen-you-ine Power Dome for the pics (they were $40 a pop, which was a little steep.)


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