Accidentally Called my Co-Worker a Jerk-Off Today

Despite the ridiculous and completely evil late-summer heat wave that I hate like death, I rode my bike to work today.  On leaving, I discovered that the owner of the next bike over on the rack had U-locked my brake line to his bike and the rack.  Thus, I could not depart.  Nor, however, could I just take the bus home, because that would entail leaving the bike there all night and it's my homie E's bike - not mine to chance to the tender mercies of Portland's nocturnal bike goblins!  I went back up to the office to get a sticky note to write on and announced to everyone that "some jerk-off" had done this thing.  My co-worker J commiserated, saying he had suffered through precisely the same predicament in Boston this one time.  Then he asked what the bike looked like and (this is where I skip to the obvious conclusion to the anecdote) it turns out it was him.

I was greatly relieved because I got to go home and I also felt kind of bad for accidentally calling him a jerk-off.  Everyone in the office thought it was HI-larious, however.  I am basically a morale officer.

In other news!
  1. My old ska band is playing a reunion show tomorrow evening (an evening which just happens to be my birthday) in Eugene.  I feel bad for missing it mostly because it's a tribute show for the old drummer, a remarkable guy who died tragically recently of a heart attack.  I would have also liked to have seen the old gang, people who were really important to me during those formative late adolescent years.  But...I can't.  My non-working time is dad time, and house-buying-stuff-time, and it just wasn't in the cards.  Here's hoping they rock it third-wave late 90s skinny ties and docs style tomorrow.
  2. Seriously leaning toward getting a single-speed bike.  I just hate gears!  They suck!
  3. I am now becoming a sort of apprentice project manager at work, along with being the systems guy and the QA guy.  One of my bosses referred to me as the "leatherman" of the joint, but I don't think he realized that my alternative lifestyle choices don't so neatly subscribe to a single encompassing category like that.  (get it?  get it?  I'm being funny!)
  4. Birthday weekend plans!  B's being a stud and letting me play D+D and have band practice!  Hot damn!


Ransom said...

It would indeed have been cool to see the old band play. I had a lot of great times at those shows. Hell, that's how I met you in the first place...

On the subject of gears, I think a single-speed can be a viable and dandy choice, but I also love gears and would hope you aren't choosing rashly based on an unfounded mechanical prejudice. Considered a 3-speed (or other derailleur-free means of going up hills in lower gears)?

Chris said...

Listen, you, my mechanical prejudices are WELL-founded! I ain't racist or nothin', I just don't like gears! :]

We shall discuss this matter over several beers.