Did Get a House

  1. Thursday: house comes on market.
  2. Friday: B sees house.
  3. Saturday: we see house together.  Offer is made.
  4. Sunday: counter-offer made by seller.  Counter-off accepted.
And that is how you do it.

Obviously, this is pending the inspection and all that jazz, but we're feeling good about this one.  It's on N. Concord, close-in North Portland, a block from the Max line.  It also has almost all new stuff, including the unheard-of new windows.  It's right at the tippy-top of what we can afford, but not over said tippy-top, so we're okay.

With any luck, the place will be ours in early October and we'll be moved in by Halloween.  Ain't that some shit. 


Kelly said...

congrats!!! Pics?

noncoupable said...

NICE! I hope it works out.