Untimely Meditations

Just a few passing thoughts on the news of the day:
  1. I respectfully disagree with my homie K; the "iPad" is a stupid name. Her counter-examples, of "notepad," "pad about," and so on, do not convince me, because when I hear the word "pad" without a prefix I think of a so-called sanitary napkin. I think most people do, too.
  2. State of the union: as usual, I agree with Obama. The dems need spines and the republicans need to shut the fuck up. I'm as disappointed as anyone that health care was derailed, but let's remember: it was derailed because the republicans always put sour grapes before the welfare of the country. Oh, also, someone needs to put Lieberman on a rocket whose ongoing mission is to never come back to Earth.
  3. On the other hand, the best state in the union, in a stroke of incredible against-all-odds wisdom and justice, voted to tax the rich to save the jobs of thousands and thousands of the non-rich. Oh, Oregon, how I miss you.
  4. While I sympathize with my friends from socal, remember: we need rain. It makes life itself possible. It also keeps loud stupid people indoors and encourages everyone to think more about cool jacket / sweater ensembles. Rain is a good thing.


Happy Hippo said...

How will the dems prove they have spines without telling the reps to shut the fuck up?

Really, what the U.S. -- as am imaginary subject --needs is more f-bombs on CSPAN. Am I the only shirtless Canadian that thinks that there needs to be more f-bombs dropped on primetime TV in the U.S.? Is there such a thing as primetime on CSPAN?

kungfuramone said...

As long as said F-bombs were being dropped by Jon Stewart and/or Jon Stewart-like populist lefty pundits, I am totally down with this idea.

hardcori said...

If there were "like" buttons on your blog as on facebook, i would have "liked" this post. I am also quite pleased with the recent election results. Also, the state of the union address.