Ought Ten

As everyone on the internet is busy flailing about with year and/or decade retrospectives...I am no exception. Only mine's shorter.

2000 - 2009: Graduated from college, played in fun bands, moved to PDX, worked in IT, got married, moved back to Eugene, got a MA, moved to Santa Cruz, did coursework, lived in France, knocked up my wife.

2009, specifically: Got back from France, worked on the dissertation, did trips to Oregon, TA'd French and then Russian history courses, taught two classes over the summer, pregnancy occurred, ran D+D games, house-sat in Bonny Doon, presented at a big conference, tried to and failed to get an academic job, had a nice holiday season.

New Year's Resolution: to have the fixings for bloody marys on hand most of the time. I think I can stick with this one.

P.S. Off With Their Heads is the best band I've discovered lately (thanks to my homie S.) They are awesome and you should listen to them.

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