I Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It

(I have "Sabotage" stuck in my head this morning, which is an odd situation in that the song consists mostly of the big drum-hits ["DUH-DUN! DUH-DUN!"] over and over.)

Here's the latest on my end (this will excite you):
  1. I installed a new, cheap Nvidia video card in the computer. It cost 20 bucks. With it, I am able to play the weird half-translated Russian version of Borderlands (an "import" in the same sense that Somali pirates "import" big ships sailing past the east coast of Africa) I got off of ebay, also for 20 bucks.
  2. The video card is silent (i.e. passive cooling.) Along with my new super-quiet power supply and processor heat sink, my computer is now non-annoying.
  3. Installing the video card reminded me yet again that linux is tricky. It remains a hobby OS, albeit an awesome one. I had to install the special kernel module from nvidia's site rather than use the one in the kernel itself, because the latter straight-up didn't work.
  4. B and I watched two movies in the last two days: Funny People and 9 (note: the animated, Tim Burton-produced 9, not the new dancing one.) Neither really worked. Both were aiming for a sentimental response, but that response was unearned by their respective scripts; you, as the viewer, didn't get attached to the characters because they were either unlikable and confusing (Funny People) or introduced far too abruptly (9).
  5. I am reading Lemmy's autobiography. It's as hilarious as I expected. I was interested to hear him talk about the birth of rock n' roll, which he was a part of back in the 50s/60s. While I will never like The Beatles, I was still surprised to learn that they were full-on badass brawler types in the early years, smacking the shit out of hecklers and so on (it's hard to square that with "I wanna hold your hand," but times were different then.) It's also refreshing to read once again about how much sex people had in past generations; it's further grist for the mill in reminding kids that they invented neither sex nor drugs.
  6. We got a mess of digital pictures printed by various online photo companies (we got gift certificates for xmas, you see.) B has done an amazing job putting them in albums. Now we have old-school hard-copy photo albums again! We win!

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