Before, regarding the UC protests, I was equivocal. It is, in fact, one of the most pernicious aspects of the neoliberal (i.e. right-wing) shift of the last twenty-odd years that both the federal and state governments have gutted public education. It is, in fact, a bad, bad thing that fees and tuition go up by huge amounts each year even as jobs are slashed, class sizes expand, and so on. But: when you and your scruffy undergrad allies prevent people from coming and going to their jobs and classes, the only people who suffer are precisely the people you claim to represent.

After spending two hours in the car today to pick B up for her doctor appointment, which she missed, eventually getting waived through by some idiot 20 year-old at the west entrance only after he and his idiot friends conferred about whether I was legit, I am officially writing off the protest culture around here as a BUNCH OF FUCKING MORONS.

--end transmission--


noncoupable said...

Agreed. I think that the protesters really need to take it to UCOP or the Governor's office, get in his face, and be jackasses to those guys. I participated in the library study-in last week for the first few hours, but I was disappointed by the outcome of the protest, and the fact that so many moronic undergrads weren't actually studying in the library like I was! Not to mention so many of them said some pretty ridiculous nonsense during the supposed "negotiations" with library staff. The only informed people were the grad students who spoke.

I'm so annoyed with the way things are being handled by these people. I have no desire to participate--on the one hand we have GSA (mouthpiece for the university) and on the other idealistic uninformed misfits (aside from a handful of grad students who have no power at all). Argh.

Chica said...

I think California is going to get a little smaller.
Time to break out "Plastic Surgery Disasters" and prepare.