Microfilm, PDFs

One of the big problems with writing a dissertation about a journalist is that he wrote a lot of articles. Yesterday I managed to crack a problem that had been hanging me up; I figured out how to download almost all of his articles from the 1960s from an online archive of the major journal he worked for. It's a tedious process, as I have to look through the sommaires one-by-one and then go after the specific pages I need, but it works. The strays are on microfilm, and I've summoned them from the one library in the UC that has them. If I had figured these things out a year ago, I could have done this while I was sitting around in my apartment in France instead of watching Vin Diesel movies on Chinese pirate sites. But then I wouldn't have watched so many Vin Diesel movies, which would be a major loss.

This part of the writing is a real slog. But I'm determined to have a finished draft by somewhere around mid-January, job prospects or no job prospects.


El Chupacabra said...

In a way I think that the addition of Vin Diesel to your psyche is probably helping you now. Major props on keeping your nose so hard on that grindstone homie!

Remember, when you dis Dre you dis yourself.

You should do a dissertation on Dr. Dre next.

kungfuramone said...

The Chronic History of Dr. Dre: An Urban Pioneer, 1985 - 2009.