I Sum Me Up

Each of the following pictures describes 50% of me. Combined, I am complete.

The bunny is not Pesto, but another bunny with a pancake on its head. Pesto just turned seven, though, which is awesome. The bottom picture is, of course, Wendy O. Williams of the Plastmatics and Lemmy of Motorhead. I have the mp3 of them performing "stand by your man" together, which is even more awesome than one would think. I wish I had the 7", so I could put it up on the wall somewhere (like, the bunker.)


Kelly said...

have you ever tried putting stuff on Pesto's head and taking pics? a new way to procrastinate your diss!

kungfuramone said...

We have pics of B putting tea lights on Pesto's head and back. Pesto thought this was great fun and insisted that we do it every day.