B+C chillin' at C's apartment before the BBQ yesterday.

We're about halfway through our PDX visit, having arrived at the House of Pants yesterday evening. The visit with the niece and nephew went as expected: cute, fun, utterly exhausting. We were relieved to get into town and spend a day doing many of the things we love and miss about Portland:
  • Sit around apartments with backyards drinking coffee and listening to tunes.
  • Eating really incredibly good Thai food for cheap (lunch for three w/ drinks: 23 bucks.)
  • Leisurely BBQ.
  • Beer.
This morning Sir and Lady Pants are at work. B and I are thinking about dodging California's 9.25% sales tax and buying some literal pants at the Lloyd Center Mall in a bit, then we're joining C for lunch.

Pics update on Flickr!.

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