Mortified Teenagers, Vague Sense of Terror

Just a quick informational computational update. We're in Eugene now for a quick hit-and-run visit with the fam. We met up in pastoral Silverton yesterday to have lunch and go to the Oregon Garden, which was very pretty. It's basically this big, beautiful outdoor garden / arboretum that barely clings to existence by relying on volunteer labor and hosting as many weddings as it possibly can. It has a little tram thing that drives visitors around and shows off the various sub-gardens with a helpful guide talking about everything. While we were toodling along, admiring the begonias, it occurred to me that nothing, noth - ing, would be more mortifying to a teenager than to be on that tram, listening to that guide describe the water gardens. Of all the things I miss the most, snotty teenage irony is not on the list.

Anyway, today is basically given over to oil changes, necessary thing-buyings, and preparation for heading back to Cali tomorrow. It's B's and my 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow, so we're taking the 101 coastal route back to Novato rather than the grim boringsplosion of I-5.

I'm just starting to feel the pangs of terror about Tuesday morning's inaugural lecture. Pray for me.

P.S. It's 8:34am and B is still in bed. This marks probably the second time in our nine year relationship that I've been up before her by choice.


Chrissy said...

oh yay! happy anniversary! drive safely!

noncoupable said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy the ride. And you'll be fine on Tuesday... me and the wine in me agrees. :)

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary! Bob and I were married in the Oregon Garden, 7 years ago this summer.