Paris, London, Lincoln City

This evening will witness the awesome spectacle of B and I departing from San Jose and landing in our beloved Portland, where our homie C will scoop us up from PDX and take us back to her place for a reunion with her dog Rosie, her man J, and at least one bottle of wine. The next day, we depart for pastoral Lincoln City, Oregon with an elite cadre of our P-town homies.

I predict this weekend will be the raddest weekend on record. There will be:
  • Hot tubbin'!
  • Beach Walkin'!
  • Every alcoholic beverage known to man and beast drinkin'!
  • Shit-talkin'!
Like I said, the raddest on record.

We return to SC on Monday. Then Obama gets sworn in on Tuesday. Dope.


ninjahq said...

I can't decide if this weekend is going to be EPIC or LEGENDARY. Can it be both?

Rachel said...

last line - fills my heart with joy. JOY.