Coffee in Ought-Nine

Right before I left for France, I broke our trusty Mr. Coffee carafe. I was washing dishes and somehow I winged the top of it with a mug or something and it cracked. We have a couple of those little one-cup gold filter guys, so we were okay for brew, but I vowed to get a new one on returning home.

I brought this up back in November and B informed me that she had already gotten a replacement carafe for when I got home, so I didn't have to worry about it. Little did I know that this was but a WONDERFUL LIE! In truth, she had gotten me the above glittering spectacle of technology, a cuisinart coffee adonis with a timer such that it can have the brew going before you wake up, greatly softening the blow of having to get out of bed to a bloody alarm.

The new machine is symptomatic of how I feel about being home in general. All of the little pissant things I used to complain about with the quotidian routine seem completely manageable now. Life in California, with the essays to grade, the bills to pay, the busses to take, it's all so much easier than life in Paris, it feels like I'm getting away with something.


clumsygirl said...

I love and adore my Chester Coffeepot. Since I have to wake up at 5am, I had to find a more speedy and efficient method than my wee french press for obtaining caffeine. He greatly reduces the number of bloodied and broken teenage bodies that usually occur upon my arrival at school.

i <3 chester!

Chrissy said...

Dude I have ALWAYS wanted one of those! Yay for coffee!

ransom said...

On the occasions that it's been viable, I've found that it *greatly* improves the waking-up process if it is accompanied by the smell of brewing coffee and the gentle wheezing noises coffee pots make as they go about their business.

I used to have a coffee pot next to my bed. It was a total cheapie, but I plugged it into one of those light timers so I could have it start automatically.

kungfuramone said...

Coffee pot next to bed = major style points. That reminds me of the zine I read back in HS in which the protagonist, this indie-rock chick who was in some Kill Rock Stars band, drew all these diagrams for devices that would eject her from bed and then put up a series of metal barriers to keep her from crawling back in.

Actually, Ransom, if memory serves you'd be well-served by one of those. :]