Entirely Decent Bars

My search for a half-decent bar in SC has been long, difficult, and basically fruitless. Spoiled by the amazingly bitchin' bars of Portland, and the entirely decent bars of Eugene, I was disappointed by SC's 6-dollar beers, annoying decor, and especially the prevalence of dives that aren't actually, you know, CHEAP.*

Happily, my homie J directed me (and B and homie C) to the Parish Publick House, a newish bar over by the scary and disgusting Safeway on Mission. The Parish Publick House, I am happy to report, is also entirely decent! Entirely decent bars have the following elements:
  • Good happy hours.
  • Fried pickles.
  • Several delicious beers.
  • People who work there that aren't assholes.
I realize that I'm still in my post-Parisian stupor in which everything that doesn't cost euros seems cheap, but it seemed pretty cheap.

* Honestly, this is the stupidest shit ever. The dives in SC are ugly, dirty, and poorly stocked, just as they're supposed to be. What they aren't is any cheaper than normal bars.

P.S. Unrelated addendum: pictures from the abandoned set of The Wire. Wire fans: these are cool; look at them.


Kelly said...

good happy hour? as in, how good?

kungfuramone said...

Dude. 3 dollar pints of good microbrew, and 3.50 bar snacks (read: afore-mentioned fried pickles.)

first thing said...

oh yeah-- if I remember correctly, they have happy hour again, nightly, from 10pm to midnight