Mid-January and the Livin's Easy

Taking a page from Count Fosco, I give you your SC weather report:

As you know, I live in stark terror of the effects of global warming, and I've long bitched, moaned, whinged, whined, and groused every time a week in winter goes by without a serious rainy day. Right now, I just don't have the heart for it; it's too much fun sporting snappy sweater vest combos to school and chuckling while watching news reports about blizzards in Chicago (note: I have nothing against Chicago.)

It did make me reflect on the bus today, however. There was an era from about 1946 - 1965 in which it must have been possible to really, honestly think that everything was pretty much okay, except for communism.* And I can't really blame people for having a similar sense of complacency when it's 70 in January in a place like SC. It's the equivalent of what Matt Groening described as the post-coital "momentary delusion that all is right with the world."

Whether or not you just got laid, let's all join together in that delusion for a few moments.

* If you were a middle class white American, clearly.


FOSCO said...

I agree... I've stopped worrying about the inevitable water rationing that we'll face this summer. I'm banishing apocalypse from my mind and smiling at the sun.

Jason said...

Groused - good word, sir.

ransom said...

I enjoy any sun I can get myself exposed to, and save the rage for the idiots who think Portland's unusual (relatively) heavy snow and cold was a counterindication of global warming.

Not sure why I might feel the need to ration rage.

Dolce Vita said...

F**k good weather. I am so sick of it. 93 today, nothing but blazing, cloudless sun all week. Global warming is alive and well and we will have no water rationing here in la-la land (where the airheads water their damn lawns at 3PM, daily). For these people (whom I am ashamed to call my neighbors) that feelin'-good feelin' is a state of mind that they cannot be shaken from. The long-term forecast means we're all screwed.

(And I hate my computer and I have become sick of writing.)

kungfuramone said...

YEAH! TESTIFY!, DV! That was some RIGHTEOUS rage!

Chrissy said...

Ah, I *am* jealous of that there weather yall are havin down in the SC.

Today I am going to try my hardest to ignore the balance in my bank account, the fact that yet another one of my friends got laid off and the fact that there is no end in sight to debt in my life and smile at the sun (which we Portlanders havent seen in a while) and prentend all is well.

Sometimes you have to just lie to yourself.

Like Katt Williams would say, "Damn, this is a tall day for you!"