The shot to the left is meant to send a little blue sky back to everyone currently buried under several feet of snow and ice. My policy with snow has always been that it's great fun and pretty to look at for about the first six hours, after which it just becomes a complete pain in the ass. So: hang in there to everyone in the NW, NE, and MW.

B and I had a fun Xmas morning. She made crepes with raspberries, nutella, and chevre, and I made scrambled eggs. We drank a lot of coffee. We exchanged presents. Highlights for me include some fancy-ass charcoal pinstripe slacks, a new scarf, and the Great Outdoor Fight book from achewood. I got her a few funny kids books in French and some other stuff.

Plans for the rest of the day are extremely limited: a walk, food, wine, and a viewing of the holiday classic Van Helsing. You can feel the peace of the holiday season.

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