1461 Days Late and 24,000 Dollars Short

In keeping up with my tradition of being years behind the times, here are my latest so-called discoveries:
  1. Google Reader. I have so many damn blogs to keep up with, I finally cracked and started using RSS. Now I just fire up google reader and I've got everything waiting for me. Google is kind of like that city everyone lives in in Logan's Run. I think we'd all be quite happy there, and getting sacrificed at 30 would be okay (especially if Jenny Agutter was in effect in the meantime, obviously.)
  2. LCD Soundsystem. They (he?) fulfill(s?) my need for bleeps and boops.
  3. Real-time experience with just how much Windows Vista truly, madly, deeply sucks. I went back over to the prof's pad for round two with her husband's laptop. After some brutal knock-down drag-out registry editing and crazy fixes I found online, we declared an official state of Fuck It and reinstalled with a highly legal copy of XP he got from someone. Vista reminds me of what it was like when I got into IT back in about 2000: by definition, if it says Windows, it probably doesn't work.
As an aside: who is this "Chica" person who called me out on my definition of hipsters and postpunk in the comments of my happy birthday to E and Ransom last post? Out of context, Chica! And everyone needs to have a public profile for their blogger accounts if they do comments. Stand and deliver.

News on my end: B's here in less than a week. I'm writing (in / on) my dissertation in my pajama pants and hoodie today. I don't really want to leave the apartment, but I promised myself back in August that no matter what, I'd do two things every day: maintain hygiene standards and get out far enough to see the river (which takes about two minutes. I live on a tiny island, remember?)


Austin Rich said...

I'm sure Becky will appreciate your concerns regarding hygiene and hermitude, but there is something to be said for writing papers just after rolling out of bed. I think some of my best work started to percolate just as the coffee maker was.

Chrissy said...

People get their panties all in a bind over that stupid hipster word. I personally could give a rats ass about any kind of "true meaning" behind it. I am also of the opinion that those who are all up in arms about it are probably just paraniod that they ARE one. Which is whatever, because people should be who they are regardless of what anyone else calls them.

kungfuramone said...

I have a scruffy beard and white shoes. Am I a hipster?

I painted my turtle black. Am I spooky?

I wear a cloak of elvenkind and am armed with a Frostbrand, +3/+6 vs. fire-using creatures. Am I a 10th-level ranger?

Austin Rich said...

With that kind of gear? I should HOPE so.

Elizabeth said...

So exciting that B will be there soon. Whew!

ninjahq said...

Google Reader is how I find all the stuff on the internet that you wonder how I find. Welcome.