Bleach Substitute

My three-day prep for B's arrival has just culminated in the incredible success of day 2: cleaning the living snot out of the apartment.* I haven't seen any straight-up bleach (javel, noun, feminine) at the Monoprix, so I'm using this kitchen/bathroom spray stuff. It works just fine, although it's not quite as caustic and potentially life-threatening as I'm used to with my cleaning products. Word is, France Info and Le Monde are sending people over to interview me about how I made this place so unbelievably clean.

Our last grad night on Thursday was fun, although I drank too much and stayed up too late and carried that legacy around with me all day yesterday. Meeting those guys was definitely one of the highlights of this gig for me; now they're all off to finish dissertations and have babies and get jobs and kick asses.

Anyway, clearly, I have little to add. Posts to follow once B is here (arriving 6:30pm Paris time tomorrow) and we start being very mellow, very cheap tourists.

* Technically, I am the living snot. So I guess I should leave.

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