A Word From Our Sponsor of Monsters

I expect you all know that my wife makes adorable beasties. This weekend she'll be in Seattle with her middle-big brother at Plush You, promotin' her stuff and meeting some of the other left coast masters of plush-making. This is my official plug for her and for the event; if you're anywhere near Seattle, you should go, and if not, you should take a gander at her stuff online if you haven't already.

The thing that amazes me about B is the same thing that always amazed me when I was getting tattoos from our main guy in Eugene: artistic intelligence operates at its own level of brilliance. B does everything by herself; the designs, the patterns, the armatures, the wire-wrapping, the stuffing, the sewing, the more sewing, and the more sewing. She doesn't even sketch much; she just thinks really hard, gets some fabric, and goes to work. It was the same way with Julien at Black Lotus; he could just look at an arm or a leg or a back and know what he was going to tattoo. Most of us don't think like that.

So, anyway, it sucks every single day being away from her, but I'm glad B will be kicking it with a whole posse of her fellow artistes this weekend.

Also, I still have high hopes that we'll be able to retire on the revenue from plush beasty sales.

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