A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture

...I've been pretty bad about taking pictures since my mom and stepdad visited at the start of the month. I've been very tired and avoiding the exploratory hikes, for one, and the one place I do go to consistently is the BNF, which doesn't allow cameras, for two. I'll try to take some interesting pictures as the weather changes in the next week or so. In the meantime, apologies for lack of illustrations for a handful of things I've seen in the last few days around Paris:
  1. Two grown men on those little razor-scooter things, using them as normal transportation. They were spotted on separate days and in different neighborhoods, but may still be in cahoots.
  2. A group of five wild swans happily swimming around in the Seine. I have never seen a swan outside of a city park before.
  3. Various hobos drinking what looked to me to be entirely decent bottles of red wine. It looks as miserable being homeless here as anywhere, but at least they're not reduced to Thunderbird or Old E in Paris.
  4. A kid really, seriously throwing up a lot (the lack of a picture on that one is probably for the best.)
  5. The worst buskers in France and, possibly, in the entire world: two old farts with a boombox that was playing some kind of horn music, kind of like Herb Alpbert and the Tijuana Brass. Old fart number one was playing along with about 1/4 of the music with a trumpet, and old fart number two was playing along with at most 1/10 with a baritone horn. In essence, they were playing a CD on the street and holding out a hat. The bar is set pretty low in the Ile St. Louis.
We've entered into a new phase in the KFR-in-Paris saga: I'm not depressed anymore, just stupefied. Things don't really seem "foreign" as much as just "really inconvenient." The weather really broke over the last few days, with temps plunging toward freezing and a big week-long front supposedly moving in, so maybe it's just as well that all I really want to do for the next month is hide and watch Sopranos, Trailer Park Boys, and clips from Def Comedy Jam in my apartment. (Thanks, internet thieves, for doing all of the dirty work for me.)

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