Highlights of the Louvre

Yesterday, my mom, stepdad and I went to the Louvre. There, we kicked our way through the crowd and looked at paintings and sculptures. Here are a few favorites.

I mean...it's nipple-tweaking at the preeminent fine arts museum of the entire world. That is so awesome I can't handle it.

The official court dwarf of some pope or another. Popes have dwarves. They, the dwarves, mine gemstones and fight orcs for them, the popes.

A Dutch artist's seventeenth-century painting "paying taxes." Just click on it and look at the guy on the right's expression. Also: what are they wearing on their heads?! I will visit and bring hugs and kisses to whoever can figure it out.

Me and a 3000-year old Egyptian cat sculpture. I also like kitties.


Chrissy said...

That is exactly the face I make when paying taxes.
Also, a kitty sculpture should be in every home on earth. The world would be a much better place.

Adam said...

That first painting is so funny. I mean..what the hell? Made me giggle like an fool. Those artists; they have dirty, dirty minds.

ninjahq said...

Those are hilarious! I continue to be floored that you can take photos in these museums.

Elizabeth said...

The taxpayer on the left is wearing a flamingo, the one on the right...astroturf. Also, astroturf-head is having his genitals squeezed just so by the woman on the left in the first painting. It's a old French taxpaying ritual (suppressed by the Catholic church in some regions).

Trust in Steel said...

Excellent work my friend!