KFR Movie Reviews: Tropic Thunder

I went out last night with C + K to see Tonnerre sous les Tropiques, AKA Tropic Thunder. It was awesome, you guys. The jokes revolved around:
  1. An ongoing retard joke.
  2. Robert Downey Jr. in blackface.
  3. Jack Black's character being addicted to heroin.
  4. Lots of hilarious people-being-blown-up scenes.
Even the creepy Tom Cruise character couldn't derail it.*

The movie struck me as one of those serendipitous moments in pop culture in which a comedian (Stiller) was able to sneak past the gatekeepers of media mediocrity and put together a project based on jokes he actually found funny.

My official verdict: two Parisians up.

* I'm not sure why Ben Stiller decided to cast Tom Cruise. Maybe they're friends. The thing is, we all know better...at this point you just can't drain the creepy out of the Cruise.


Adam said...

I think they cast Cruise because he is creepy. He really fit the character, the fact that it was Tom Cruise made a already gross guy even worse.

Just my thoughts on that. I aggree that it is a funny movie.

Chrissy said...

Dude, Tom Cruises charecter was my FAVORITE part! Hilarious! I loved that movie despite the disgusting first scene - definitely a keeper which I will purchase on DVD the first chance I get!