You're Only a Virgin Once

...isn't that great? There are lots of things that give me that same amazing feeling I got when I lost my virginity, that special "hooray! I never have to be a virgin again!" feeling. In contrast, there are other things that I don't mind being a virgin of or for until I'm dead. Examples!

Happy to not be a something-virgin (France-related activities category):
  1. A having done actual research in France virgin!
  2. A figured out the laundromat virgin!
  3. (Probably should be the first one): A survived getting here from SFO virgin!
  4. A discovered the automatic checkout machine at the monoprix so I don't have to deal with the bitchy exact-change-crazed checkout ladies virgin!
  5. A developed rudimentary speaking skills virgin!
Things that I'm fine with never losing my something-cherry of (generic category):
  1. Shooting a gun virgin.
  2. Operating a motorcycle virgin.
  3. Voting Republican virgin (sorry, cheap shot.)
  4. Wearing a cowboy hat virgin.
  5. Drinking a wine cooler virgin.*
All of this is, of course, inspired by finally having gone and done actual real-life research at the BNF. I made an idiot out of myself in front of all but one of the people I had to talk to (this time, not so much with French, just with not knowing where I was or what I was supposed to do next), but overall it was still a neat experience. It's very quiet there and the people look very serious while they sit in their little rows reading and tapping away on laptops. I think it'll be a good place for me to spend my days once it gets cold; I could happily spend all of November in the rez de jardin, ignoring the outside world.

Unrelated notes: It's a warm and sunny day in late September here in Paris, and it's Saturday. This means that the Ile St. Louis is awash, nay, immersed in tourists. Happily, my apt. is on the troisieme etage, so I am slightly above the fray. I expect the idiots will be out in force this evening for the official weekly woo-screaming. Tomorrow, I'm meeting my homies for a picnic in the Luxembourg Garden. Next week, my mom and stepdad are visiting, and our shared touristy outings will inspire more picture-taking on my part.

* I wish I could say that I was a bitch-beer virgin, but I'm not. But it's not my fault. Matt-O: if you're reading this, remember when certain fruity drinks were offered to us as "beer"?


Dolce Vita said...

Oh my! I've done all the things in the second list (except no. 3). But I did all these things in Montana, so it doesn't count right?! :)

You're going to have visitors! How cool! (I didn't get any during my stint in France.) I think sharing Paris is one of the best ways to enjoy it (aside from solo meandering). And the weather sounds fabulous (I miss fall). I'm so pleased to hear the photos will be forthcoming.

ransom said...

Only pellet guns for 1, and I plead late '80s drama department cast parties for 5, though I've never actually been drunk on wine coolers. 2 is a favorite pastime, and for 4, my dad was raised in Texas, though I'm not sure every incident was related to this fact. 3, however, we are completely eye to eye on, and will not be coming off my virgin list anytime soon...

another kind of nerd said...

I recall that particular episode of malted beverages and abstaining. Thank you very much.

"What flavor of beer would you like?"

Matto said...

Yes, I remember it well...just one of many happenings that all added up to make for an interesting colleague. I don't think you can be employed by a spy agency if you drink bitch beer.