Classy Bitch

...that's me. Check my flickr page to see what I mean.

Also, be sure to read this awesome, and accurate, article from CNN/Time: United States of France. (Don't worry...it's short.)

So I want to announce my emotional, spiritual, and eschatological revival. Since coming to France, I have been very sad, because I miss my wife and I miss my friends and my command of French vacillates wildly. But I figured it out, guys. Here's my secret: I just don't pay attention to the fact that I happen to be in Paris. It makes a HUGE difference. I just walk around, I buy some food sometimes, I read for my dissertation, and I happen to be in Paris while I'm doing it! Also, as was re-confirmed by the little reception thing tonight at the place I work at, I got really lucky with my fellow grads. They are rad and they make me less depressed.

On the agenda for right now: more pasta. Listen to Motorhead on my iPod.


noncoupable said...

Yay for settling in! It's always nice to feel not like a tourist. That's how I felt in Toulouse (though not in Taiwan for the first three months).

You were missed at P&P the other night, but no worries, all will be the same when you return. In the meantime, enjoy trying something different for a while... that's what I always tell myself!

Cabiria said...

I love the array of tarts on flickr. Very tasty-looking!

kungfuramone said...

Yeah...those were BIEN.

Trust in Steel said...

Enjoy yourself as much as possible, the time to return will come quicker than you think. Don't get corrupted by the pitfalls of so-called civilized society! Also don't worry about your muddled French. French linguistic hubris is comical to take seriously. From the perspective of the most classicists, who in their own fit of irrational hubris consider themselves to be the last true bastion of intellectualism, French is simply piss poor provincial Latin. It isn't something to get up in arms over.

kungfuramone said...

Ha ha...yeah, I'll start telling French people that and see how it goes. :]

SuperJew said...

Hang in there comrade and try to soak up some of Paris charm while you are there. You may find things you miss when you are gone.

And glad to hear about the friendly grads there. That makes all the difference! I know I would've been a sad mac without y'all in Eugene. ;)