Flat Eric

Have you ever seen this little guy? He was a minor pop-culture sensation the year I lived in England. The techno video starring him is rewarding, like altruism.

I like living in the digital age because it's so much easier to engage in guerilla surrealism. When you think about it, a lot of famous 19th and 20th century avant-garde art groups weren't any funnier or more original than a guy who makes a techno song so that a muppet can dance around, it's just that there's so much stuff like that out there these days that its shelf-life is quite a bit shorter. It's too bad. Flat Eric is far cooler than the Situationists.

Here's the scoop on his origins.

And here's the video:

Becky has a Flat Eric...he perches over our tiny kitchen gazing down on the living room.

P.S. I thought the last Pirates movie was awesome to watch........drunk.

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ransom said...

I worry that our friendship has somehow done something terrible to your personal meaning of altruism...