1460 Days!

My homie the editor is back in the non-Livejournal blogosphere. To those of you reading who don't have a blog, why don't you take this opportunity to consider your terrible, terrible errors, and follow her example? We need to know what you're thinking, and to whom you're linking, at least two or three times a week.

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. Among the many things this makes me think about is how subjective the perception of time is. In terms of feeling:

1. Becky and I got married on a funny, rain-then-shine day in the garden of a community center in Eugene oh, about a week ago.

In terms of actual objective fact:

1. She was 25, I was 24.
2. She was a kindergarten TA, I was a corporate IT guy.
3. We bailed on all of that and got M.A.'s in lit and history, respectively.
4. We went to New Zealand.
5. We lived in a collapsing, draughty house in Eugene for two years surrounded by idiotic screaming 19 year-old girls. But our new friends in Eugene were awesome, so the whole experience balanced out.
6. We moved to Santa Cruz.
7. She became a university administrator and launched a large-scale personal crafting project and I spent another year as a history grad.
8. She got even cuter. I'm not sure about me (although I do have this amazing new shirt.)

The only thing that has remained constant is that we have the same bunny.

Anyway, hi to everyone who was there and hi to everyone who we hadn't met yet at the time; if it was happening tomorrow, you'd totally have been invited.


Trust in Steel said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

Rachel said...

happy anniversary!!! If I'd known you guys then, I would have come, so thanks for the retroactive invite. :D I hope you guys can spring for something special, and I hope you have many, many more to celebrate.

JPearre said...

Has it really been four years? Congratulations, indeed! I'm happy to be able to say I was there (and what a smashing time it was). Who else would have croquet and a keg of PBR at their wedding?

quixote said...

Congratulations, again :-)

Serenaded Hourly said...

Four years! Congratulations to you and to Becky. And, you know, sorry. About the thing. Four years ago.

And thank you for the shout-out. I will attempt to write in it more often so I can maintain some kind of public face. The LJ is all private, as you know, all the time. It had to happen. Maybe there will be cross-posting, because I don't write there that much either.

ransom said...


I'm glad I was there, and I'm glad you're still there, though I wish you were here.

Not to step into any discussion of your fondness for S.C.. That sounds dangerous.

Becky said...

happy anniversary! i can't believe that was four years ago. i too am glad i was there. although, i am still all too aware i should not have had those last twenty or so drinks. whew, that was quite a night. in any case, congrats and you are both rockstars!

Chrissy said...

Yay for 1460 days! Congrats!

noncoupable said...

Congrats! If I ever allow myself to think of marriage and a marriage ceremony I will keep in mind having a croquet game with a keg and BBQ. Only I might have a tag football game instead. What a splendid time it must have been---and still is! :)