Now I Remember: Rock N Roll Is Fun

So we played with White Murder and the Blood Types last night in a very-big-walk-in-closet-sized venue in an early show, all ages context.  It was really, really fun.  Back when Ransom and I were in Mondale, I always suspected that there was a kind of novelty factor thing going on with us, that people "liked us" mostly because of the nerd rock schtick rather than actually enjoying the music (with the exception of our steadfast buddy Cody, of course.)  With The Nervous, however, I think people actually like us because we don't entirely suck.  We are pledged to suck even less as time goes on. 

My favorite moment of the show last night, besides witnessing how completely fucking badass White Murder are, was when the crowd insisted that Ransom turn up, and lo, the band sounded better.  Told ya so, man.

The band is my one, count 'em, one, extracurricular activity.  It's a big deal for B to let me out to practice and play shows...Plan C is many more than one handfuls, and we do not abandon one another to her tender mercies without due consideration.  I am hugely grateful for this one outlet, and I suspect it ultimately pans out since it is fast becoming a pretty much unmitigated force of fun in my life and makes me a generally happier person as a result.  Anyway, thanks, baby, for letting me do it.

So: onward to write new songs and get more gigs.

P.S. Never, ever pour two pints of hoppy IPA into an empty stomach, especially if that stomach is in your body.

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