Ah, Adulthood

The last link I have to the good old days of scruffy (relative) irresponsibility is the band.  My homie S posted pictures of his recently-reformed band, Gordon Taylor, on his flickr site (this is a great picture of them, minus S himself who is taking said picture), and it reminded me of how I used to spend just about all of my spare time back in the day: equipped with cheap beer and loud music and good friends.  I sure love me my domestication now, but it's very easy to be nostalgic about back then, too.

The latest adult move was starting the process of moving our moneys from the shitty evil corporate bank to a nice local credit union, which we did this morning.  In the process, we got pre-approved for the auto loan, so we're finally going to buy one of these.  We're going to use one of those snazzy online "concierge" services that gets the car from a dealer and delivers it, in the process obviating the need to actually get within four miles of some smarmy coked-out nutball on a car lot (no doubt surrounded by balloons.)

Also, we voted yes on all of the library + school bonds in Portland, and that is great, but now our mortgage is up $100 a month.  Money-where-mouth-is/was.

Like I said: adulthood.

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