A Car Built After 1996

(side note: I have been so god-DAMNED sick lately.  It has to stop.  I am turning in this winter and getting a new one.)

Anyway!  We bought the car finally!  It is rad!

It's one of these: A 2013 Honda Fit.

It is the following things:
  • Cheap ($16000 and change, brand new)
  • Comfy
  • Responsive and easy to drive
  • Speedy
  • Intuitively and thoughtfully laid out
  • Zippy
Thus far, the *only* drawback is that its "happy speed" on the highway seems to be about 60 MPH; at 70 it's working pretty hard (this is a tres minor issue, it's just the only "issue" we've found, period.)

Also, here's how to buy a car:
  1. Decide what car you want ahead of time.  Test drive a friend's or something.
  2. Get pre-approved on a loan from a credit union.  You will get some sick, in the teenage-skater sense, APR (ours is...1.7%?  Something like that.)
  3. Buy the car over the internet.  All dealerships have an internet sales manager guy who handles this stuff.  You just call or e-mail and tell him what you want, he finds one, you agree to buy it, and it's easy.
  4. The guy will have one of his fellows drop it off at your house.
  5. Go get milkshakes from Burgerville.

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