Start Your Engines

Some notes on culture and other things:
  • Ru Paul's Drag Race is on Netflix streaming.  It's about 80% as awesome as it could be, which means it is pretty awesome.  I always find the catty fighting on reality shows to be irritating and cumbersome, and we're talking about a pack of drag queens here, so there's a lot of that.  BUT!  The actual competitions they do are hilarious.
  • Finally watched Avengers.  Yep!  It's pretty darn good!  The pacing was relentless, but they had an awful lot of main characters to cram in there, so I can't really blame them.
  • Speaking of Thor, Snow White and the Huntsman has a fun part with fairies in the middle, and also normal-sized actors playing dwarves.  I get excited every time the dude who played Al Schewerengen in Deadwood shows up in anything, so it gets a pass just for that.
  • In the interest of listening to more Portland-based punk and punk-related genres, I picked up the album by my old roommate's latest band, The Blood Types (it's good!) and the best-of of The Punk Group (it's hilarious!)
  • I'm going to put pictures of our new kitchen on my blog soon.  That's how we 34-year-olds do things, you see.

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