I'm Not Feelin' It

...which is, in my case, a good thing.  Today is a Saturday.  So far, we've done errands and house stuff, I worked out, I played my bass, and I'm looking forward to seeing some good friends at dinner tonight.  It's the first day I can remember where I don't feel overly tired with the attendant minor grumpiness and general desire to curl up in a ball and mutter quietly to myself in a dark corner.  That would be what I would describe as my "default state."  Today, instead, I found myself able to cheerfully keep up with Plan C, crack wise with B, and operate with a reasonable degree of faith that the Other Shoe was not necessarily about to Drop.

Possible causes:
  • A genuine 8 hours of sleep.  As in, one more than seven, SOLID.
  • No heavy-duty sleep drugs to induce said sleep.
  • Fun but low-key and easy activities last night.
  • Kind of getting the hang of teaching four classes at once, and mostly prepared for next term.
  • Feeling really good about my clothes these days.
  • Doing tons of crunches.
  • I like bourbon!
  • Obama won, and every NY Times article is about how the republicans have no idea what to do.
  • I like my band.
  • The idiotic digger machine has finally been towed away from in front of our neighbor's house.
  • It's almost Thanksgiving, which is the Best Holiday.
I'm going to keep up the science to try to figure this out.


Cody Austin Rich said...

Mmmmmmmm. Bourbon.

kranthi P said...
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