Manzanita: Destroyer

Oncoming wave!  Two-year-old!  Father of said child scoops her up, giggles ensue, camera falls into the deep blue sea (albeit only for a second and not achieving full immersion), and that is F'ing that for said camera.

My camera led a full life.  B bought it in about 2006, then gave it to me as a hand-me-down when she upgraded (i.e. bought herself a new one) for her crafty beastie business in 2008.  Despite my blithering ineptitude as a photographer, it had provided literal half-dozens of decent pictures over the years.  Now I must wish it well on its final voyage to the online photo archive in the sky, while also apologizing for the fact that I am the kind of confused idiot who drops cameras in the ocean.

Besides all that, it's been a really fun trip.  Plan C is loving our undivided attention and we're loving being forcibly separated from the responsibilities of real life back in P-town.  It's only three days, but we'll take it.

P.S. I plan to replace the dead camera by becoming skilled at doing really high-speed caricatures in colored pencil.

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