100 Degrees in the Shade

Frickin' summertime.

  1. It turns out the Oregon Art Museum is really nice.  It turns out I like the California Impressionists quite a bit!  It additionally turns out that there was some totally sweet ink painting on silk done by Japanese artists in the early 1800s...of TIGERS.  Also, they have A/C at the museum.
  2. My brother graduated from his radiography program!  The graduation ceremony was well done.
  3. I got the info on the new faculty orientation hootenanny in September.  I love stuff like this because it assuages my fear that this whole "full-time academic job" thing has been a hallucination.
  4. Three of my relatives from my dad's side of the family are out visiting from back east.  It is really nice to see them.  
  5. We got some decent recordings of The Nervous's last practice.  We are about 70% there...we just need to turn the suck down a little more and I need to finish writing lyrics.  Also: memorize them.
  6. My father in-law is installing a stained glass window in our front door today.  He made it.  
  7. For your summertime taking-a-load-off needs, may I recommend the combination of "gin" and "tonic"?

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